10 Wildest Waterslides You Can't Ride Any more

Disney's River Country
When it comes to theme parks and family entertainment walt Disney world has that department nailed when its five resorts, dozens of hotels, and pure disney magic. But it took some trial and error to get there. While the massive attraction has numerous water parks today its original water park, called "Disney's River Country" Sits lonely. Opening on June 20, 1976, president Gerald Ford's Daughter took the first ride down the whopp 'N Holler Hollow. In August 1980, A young boy accidentally inhaled a Brain-Eating Amoeba while riding the numerous waterslides at river country and died. River Country functioned out of two bodies of waterm one was a clean swimming pool and the other one was connected to Bay Lake. What Waterslide goes down to Bay Lake? The whoop 'N Holler. Even though the water was pumped from the lake and into the slide there seemed to be still a chance for contamination. Eventually, Disney banned swimming in its lakes in the 90's But Ruver Country stayed open until 2001. Today, th old water park sits abandoned with everything including the old water slide, still intact. Disney had hinted that River Country could reopen if there was enough interest and demand, But yet, nothing has changed
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