10 Things Your Body Says About You!

The Eyes Have It
As the old saying goes: The eyes are the windows to your soul. At Orebro University in Sweden, Scientists studied the eyes of 438 subjects as well as had them take a personality test. The results were fascinating because they discovered that eye colour is affected by the same genes that form our frontal lobes. If you have dark brown or black eyes, then you are a natural born leader as well as better at sports. If you have blue eyes, people may see you as weaker, but it is actually quite the opposite. People with blue eyes have great strength both on the inside and the outside. If you have dark grey eyes, you might have two different personalities inside of you that are either balanced, ot it could be a "Jekyll/Hyde" situation. If you have hazel eyes, then you are probably independent and confident. People with light brown eyes are very loyal, respectful, and gentle people. Finally, those with green eyes are strong, dominant, and agreeable, as well as being perceived as alluring and mysterious!
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