10 SECRETS The FBI Is Hiding From You

A Secret Birth
While today the Federal Bureau of Investigations has incredible reach across the entire United States, it was not always like this. Infact, there was time when the US had no Federal Investigative Crime-Fighting Force. Back in the early 20th Century, America was not exactly the wild west, But it had quite a few problems. Cities were growing and every state, Region and town had its own Law Enforcement. Some being particulary worse than others. This made Coordinating any sort of Investigation a real problem. To make matters worse, Henry Ford's car were coming off the assembly line giving crooks something to not only steal but to easily cross state lines with. Attorney General Charles Bonaparte-Grandnephew of Napoleon Bonaparte found that when he needed men to to investigate crimes he was actually borrowing them from the secret service. Naturally, with all the bureaucratic red tape, it was easier to create a separate force of investigators which is what he did. In the spring of 1908, Bonaparte took several secret service agents. Added a few more hand-picked investigators and created a 34-man investment unit operating under the departmet of Justice. This marked the Begining of the FBI.
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