10 Secret Homes Hidden From Society

Casa Brutale
If you are a person who is afraid of heights, this concrete dwelling my not be for you. This conceptual design is meant to be embeded in the cliff side overlooking the Aegean Sea in Greece. It was named Casa Brutale and was designed in July 2015 by 'Open Platform for Architecture' . It had proposed a glass-bottom rooftop swimming pool, which would act as a skylight as well as a form of recreation. The entire building was designed to remain 'underground' by whcih we mean that no part of the building is higher than the edge and the house itself is built into the wall of the cliff. Though it may look like the ideal secret lair for a James Bond movie Villain, it was designed to be the ultimate private home. Many believed that this house would never exist off the page. That is until the Dutch Firm received confirmation from a client in Beirut, Leabanon. They mad some adjustment to the original design as well. It will be located on Faqra Mountain, At an altitude of 1969 Feet. It will also be expanded to 2906 square feet, so it can comfortably accommodate six people, construction will be complete sometime in 2018.
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