10 School Rules You Won't Believe Exist

Duncanville High School
In Texas, the administration and staff at Duncanville High School started enforcing a super strict dress code that resulted in 160 students getting suspended. It came at a terrible time because it was during a critical review period before finals. What could be so bad about a dress code? The students had to wear their name tags at all times, and if they did not, they were sent home. Belts were also required along with wearing a certain colour shirt. The male students were also not allowed to have stubble on their faces. One student was sent home even though he was wearing an official school spirit shirt. Why? The shirt did not have collar. So it seems that the school is not even aware of their own dress code and how it aligns with school spirit. At first the students protested by fighting, running down the halls saying, "F*ck the dress code!", and flipping trash cans. The police were called to calm down the Riot. Luckily, no arrests were made, but it's a guarantee that school officials were not happy then, the students tried a more passive approach like creating a change. ORG petition as well as a sit-in. Duncanville High School tries to defend their actions saying that the dress code existed all year.
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