10 People Who Fell From The Sky

Cliff Judkins
On June 21st, 1963, Marine first Lt. Cliff Judkins saw that his F-8 Crusader had burst into flames dut to a refueling error. He was unable to properly eject from his plane, so he had to manually climb out. Once that was done, He could not get his parachute to deploy properly. Cliff managed not to lose consciousness as he landed in the ocean. Ironically, his parachute deployed properly under the water, but then the waves were pulling him down. He had to swim to a nearby raft that was deployed by the failed plane, even though he had a broken back, both ankles broken. A broken pelvis, a collapsed lung, plus his kidneys and intestines in schok. He ended up having to what three hours before he could be rescued, but he survived.
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