10 Largest Vehicles In The World

The American Dream
Jay Ohrberg, a custom car designer in California, began building the ' American Dream' in the late 1980's. The custom Limousine is hundered feet long, earning it a Guiness World Record in the mid-90's as the world's longest car. It requires 26 wheels to support it and two drivers to maneuver the hulking beast. Inside is boasts a Jacuzzi, King Sized Waterbed, diving board and even a helicopter landing pad on the back. The Limo is not a street legal, So it is transported by flatbed truck from location to location. It disappeared for some time,but resurfaced in 2012 at a Salvage Auction. It was bought in 2014 by the New York 'Autoseum' Automotive Teaching Museum.
Schwerer Gustav
Developed in the late 1930's the Schwerer Gustav was German 80 Cm railway gun. It was originally built in preparation for the Battle of France, but it was not completed in time. It weighed 1350 Tons and required 250 crewmen to assemble the gun. Laying the track for the gun required an additional 2500 crewmen. It could fire seven ton shells up to 29 miles, but it took nearly forty-five minutes to load it. In 1945 the Germans dismantled and destroyed the enormous gun to avoid it falling into enemy hands near the end of the Second World War. It is one of the largest caliber Artillery Weapons ever used in combat.
The Belaz 75710
The Belaz 75710 is the world's lagest ultra-class Haul Truck presently. It is twenty-seven Feet tall, thirty-two Feet wide and sixty-eight Feet long. Due to is sheer size it needs eight 50/80R63 tires. It weighs 360 tons when empty and uses hydraulic steering. It can carry up to 450 Tons and has a maximum speed of 64Km/h. It requires two 2300 Horsepower, 16-cylinder diesel engines in order to operate. It was designed to be able to operate with one engine in case it ever needed repairs as few tow trucks are able to pull the Belaz weight.
Big Muskie
Standing at 222 Feet and Weighing 12000tons the 4250-W Bucyru-Erie digging machine, nicked named Big Muskie, was one oa kind. It was the largest single-bucket digger ever created and one of the largest mobile excavatiors. It took two years and over 200000 man hours to construct before it began operation in Ohio. The Big Muskie required 13,800 Volts of electricity in oreder to run, the equivalent amount needed to power 27,500 homes. It was very expensive to operate, costing ten of thousands of dollars an hour. This Enormous machine was used for twenty-years between 1969 and 1991 before being retired.
Custom Dodge Power Wagon
The Royal family of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are no strangers to over the top luxury vehicles. One member, known as The Rainbow Sheikh Hamdan Al Nahyan, was not to be out done and ordered a custom made 1950's Dodge Power Wagon. This was no ordinary pickup truck however, this was several million dollar, eight times the regular sizr, Fifty Ton Pickup Truck. It took Several months to build and is a scale, working replica of the 1950's truck model.
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