10 Smartest Kids Who Will Rule The World

Joshua Madugula
Our first young genius hails from the land down under. Joshua Madugula was only four years old when he took an IQ test to determine his intelligence. Joshua's parents wanted to test him after he showed unusually rapid signs of development before he was even two years old. His mother Sree said he displayed an exceptional knack for memorization and making connections between stories he'd heard weeks before. While some toddlers were still going Goo-Goo Ga-Ga" at their friends and relatives. Joshua was learning to read while also memorizing names, addresses, and phone numbers, according to his dad. After scoring a whopping 153 on his test, Joshua is not only considered to be one of the smartest six year olds in Australia, But his IQ makes him smarter than 99.9% of all Australians. It also means he is just a few IQ points behind Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. But do not let Joshua's high IQ fool you. Inspite of all the hoopla surrounding his intelligence.. and the fact that he is a chess master.. Joshua insist he is not a nerd. The youngster like pokemon card and video games and said he is not the biggest fan of going to school.
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